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Las Vegas, NV (LAS)
Airport Delays
Airport Closed
Airport Closed
as of May 27 06:51 GMT
FAA Delay Programs
FAA Status: Closed
Due to !LAS 05/122 LAS AD AP CLSD TO NON SKED TRANSIENT GA ACFT EXC 24HRS PPR 702-261-7775 2405131411-2407172300, Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, NV (LAS) was closed as of May 13 at 14:11 UTC. The date/time when the airport is expected to reopen is Jul 17 at 23:00 UTC.
No flights are departing at this time.
No flights are arriving at this time.
as of May 27 06:45 GMT
Weather: 76°F / 24°C