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Flight Tracking Tips

Track by Flight Shortcut

If you know the airline code and flight number of the flight you want to track, you can enter them together in the Flight Number field. For example, enter "FL100" to track Air Tran Flight #100 or "UA1" to track United Flight #1.

Using Time Remaining

The departure and arrival flight times are always local to the airport. If you are in a different time zone than the arrival airport, 'Remaining' time will help you quickly know when your colleague or family member will be landing.

Departed vs In Air Status

When the status is "Departed" FlightView has received confirmation from the airline that the aircraft has pushed back from the gate; but, it may or may not be in the air. When the status is "In Air", FlightView has received confirmation that the flight is in the air. Some international flights only have a status of "Departed" even when they are in the air.